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改造案例:Ningbo Lingyou Fishing Tackle Company Limited

客户名称:Ningbo Lingyou Fishing Tackle Company Limited




The enterprise management leaded by Production supervisor Guo solved many management problems by using the Bandex Shop Logic Workshop informatization management system :

●  program is transmissed through single cable which is time-consuming and sometimes damaged the NC and costed a lot of money for repair.

●  The program can not be standardly saved after volume manufacturing, so it needed a lot of time to adjust the program before Secondary production.

●  The time of adjusting the machine is long, some products even required two days for machine adjustment, Personnel efficiency and the evening output is low.

●  There were too many programs of High-speed CNC engraving and milling machine, it is time-consuming to exchange programs.

●  The input materials and product total are disproportionately for bar stocks products, etc.