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改造案例:Retrofit of Japanese original OKUMA lathe

客户名称:Wuxi Lihu impeller Equipment Co., Ltd.

改造背景:The customer has two lathe of OKUMA system , since the model is old, there are no replaceable parts, they were left unused in the workshop for a long time when the CNC system broke down.


Solutions: We had chosen M70B system , HF series motor and MDS-D- SVJ3 series driver according to customer’s demand of usage. We selected the more universal inverter for control because the chief axis of this lathe is spindle and the CNC chief axis driver can not work morally. The difficulty of retrofitting this lathe is how to control the turret , so we determined to use PLC Axis after analyzing, and wrote a corresponding PLC control program. Besides, in order to ensure the electric safety, we replaced the electrical components and re-connected the wire. And we continuously adjusting and modifying it by using PLC to complete the retrofit.

Results: The customer used it for trial production after the completion of retrofit and found that the M70 is easy to use and simple. And it also satisfied the customer because both the processing accuracy and processing time can meet customer’s demand.