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Bandex shop logic


The most popularVisual Factory management--Bandex shop logic

Our solutions was the most stable, highest compatibility, the most safety and reliability system



Bandexshop logic- Visual Factory management

Bandex shop logic Lean Manufacturing Visual Factory Managementsolutions, had nearly 10 years ofprofessional services , was the developer of software system for manufacturing shop floor management , was the most highly-automatized of data acquisition in China, also this software & hardware solutions were full compatibility.

Bandex shop logic visual factory management system, based onLead Shinetheaccumulationofyearsoftechnology applicationsand precipitation inthe field of NC, powerful software compatibility isthe mostprominentadvantageofthesystem, it helped the managers highly-automatized management the shop floor, as Lead Shine self-owned brand, the datacollectionoftheunderlyingmachine isunmatchedbyany othersoftware about the compatibilityandsecurity. Of course, if customers need anydemandofthedatain-depth analysis, we developed quickly, professional and cost a little, however others would take a long time and need more money.

Bandex shop logic not only hastheabsoluteadvantagein the acquisition, but alsowe have an advantageinthesoftware development in customized charts and reports, the software isflexible, met the needsofAsian customers. We provided the most cost-effective software to help customers build a mosthigh-endvisual factory integrated managementsolutions.

Bandex shop logic CNC Support:

Fanuc, Mazak, Haas, Amada, Anilan, Allen Bradley, BOSCH, Bridgeport, Charmilles, Cincinnati,Fadal, Fagor, Hinumeirk, Heidenhain, Indramat, Hitachi, Maho, Mitsubishi, NUM, OKUMA, TRAUB, TANAKA, Yasnac, VIKING, CITIZEN, GSK, LNC, SYNTEC, HNC,  and so on…

We can dobetteronnetworking for the followingcommonCNCS:


Bandexshop logic your best choice

Bandex shop logic Lean Manufacturing Visual Factory Managementsolutions, has been committedto providethe mosteffectivesolutionsandprofessional projectimplementation and managementfor many domesticcustomers, light and textile industries, including food, beverages, tobacco processing, garment, textile, leather, wood processing, furniture, printing, etc., processing industries, includingpetrochemical, chemicalfiber, pharmaceutical manufacturing, rubber, plastic, ferrous metals, etc., as well as machinery andelectronics manufacturing, includingmachine tools,special equipment, means of transport, machinery and equipment, electroniccommunications equipment, andinstruments, etc..

Bandex shop logic Lean Manufacturing Visual Factory Management solutions, not only provided asetof controllayerhardware & software overall solutions forthemanufacturing company used in shop floor, but also was integrated and security,Bandex shop logic can effective integration with upper managementsystem like ERP/ MES, and the resource information management system like PDM/CAPP /CAD/ CAM/UGS,and any othermanufacturing manage systems. The design starting-point of the Bandex shop logic was decided tohelp customers tobuilda professional and paperlessvisualization shop floor, and it’s our ultimate goal.