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Productivity does not go on? High production cost? Traditionallypaper recordmanagement?

Bandex MDAthe most efficaciousautomationmanagement , will become the profit starting line of your company!



Bandex MDAmanufacturing data acquisition system

Bandex MDA(Manufacturing data acquisition) service for Chinese manufacturing customers, which is real-time machine monitoring software that automatically collects, reports, charts and processes real-time shop floor manufacturing data, to visualization detailed manufacturing process data software & hardware solution.

Bandex MDA Intelligent Manufacturing data acquisition system, based on Lead Shine the accumulation of years of technology applications and precipitation in the field of CNC, the most prominent advantage of our system is that Lead Shine has powerful software compatibility in order to improve automation acquisition, currently Bandex MDA is the most advanced CNC acquisition system and analysis software in China (include Machine, Operator and work order etc.), many foreign software requires extensive manual feedback to collect data, this way was acclimatized, many Asian companies was unable to adapt,and many foreign software does not support local customized report and chart development, you many pay a lot for a few customized development. Bandex MDA not only has an absolute advantage in the data collection, but also we can help customer to development customer flexible report and chart, that was why our software flexible, adapter to Chinese customer needs. We provided the most cost-effective software to help customer to create the high-end shop floor manufacturing management system.


Choose from two editions:

Bandex MDA Classic

Bandex MDA Professional

Bandex MDAManufacturing data acquisition systemmain functions::



1、Network Compatible

Based on the 32/64 bit Windows system, .NET platform developed, Compatible win 2000/XP/server 2003/server 2008/vista/win7 etc.

2、Database Compatible

Support Access、SQL Server、Oracle etc. database

3、Both English and Chinese

There are English and Chinese editions for your choose

4、Supportdata collection instrument

Automatic acquisition the cycle time, idle time, setup time, alarm time, turned off time etc. machine manufacturing status data.

5、Support Macro B

By open the machine’s macro B function we can acquisition the program number, machine status, and the yield, and so on data.

6、Support BCR function

After terminal or client scans the barcode, the data will transport to the Server by the DNC network, data automatic recognition then store into the MDA database, use MDA software you can query the real-time feedback data.

7、Data automatic fix

Support data filtering function when the server received some undefined data, they will not be ignored but saved, admin can fix the incorrect data or deleted it.

8、Print function

Support print report and chart, report can save as Excel and HTML, Chart can save as JPG.

9、parts production analysis by Job

Support report and analyze parts production filter by Job,analysis include: parts name, target quantity, good parts, scrapped parts, percentage of finished Job

10、average cycling time of the parts

Support report and analyze average cycling time of the parts, analysis includes: part name, parts actual average cycling time, production process average cycling time, planed average cycling time, total cycling time etc. .

11、machining time cost analysis

Support report analyze machine manufacturing time cost, analysis includes: machine time, cycle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime, idle time, and these time’s cost, as well as total of all the machine every status time and cost.

12、Productivity analysis

Support report and analyze the productivity, with different color to Distinguish between each status (cycling, idle, setup, teardown, planned machine downtime, unplanned machine downtime etc.) time last and the cost.

13、Manufacturing time analysis

Support report and analyze manufacturing time, with different color to Distinguish between machine time, shift time, product time, cycling time, and each time’s value.

14、Machine status situation

Support report and analyzemachine status situation, every machine each statuswithina period ofduration time, and each statusinclude manufacturing data (operator, job, part, operation etc.).

15、User permissions

Support user and user group management function, According to each user or user group to assign permissions, which can be refined to Menu option and each report and chart.


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What bottleneck your shop floor program management?

Transmitting and manage program is not the only bottleneck in your shop floor, but the machine management and it’s efficiency was more important.

Bandex MDA can help the manager, production department and machine manager department manager to get the answer of many manufacturing problems, and to make decisionaccording to the marketing quickly, to improve theefficiency, in order to reduce cost and improve productivity. And what’s the problem:

l   Can’t realize product order finished or not, whether later deliver, and what’s going on about the product order.

l   Can’t get the machine status and it’sefficiency automatically, can’t evidence-based on manufacturing data to make decision to improve and increase theefficiency.

l   Can’t make sure the status of the machine, or the operator and Job according to the status.

l   Can’t get the machine overall efficiency, can’t effective management the machine efficiency, can’t find the bottleneck of the increase efficiency.

l   Can’t notify the key person, and fix the problem on time, can’t get the real time between the alarm begin and end,there is no way to Reduce the events of downtime.

l   Can’t get the machine status correctly, can’t compare with the planned time and the actual time, can’t controlled fully.

l   Can’t know the cost time of operation, part, Job etc. manufacturing info.

l   Can’t know the reason of machine idle time and time-consuming, not relation with the cost.

l   Can’t relation between the machine and user, shift.

l   And so on.

Bandex MDA fixed all your troubles, can help to micro-manage each manufacturing detail. Help the director of the manufacture to realize the shop floor any time you want, needn’t check in the shop floor all the time, if the machine time was too long system will send an E-mail or message to the key person, then he will fix the problem at the very first time.Informatization management was the most important of Lean manufacturing, helped manager make decisionquickly, increase the efficiency.


Why chooseBandex MDA

Unique and Advanced API data acquisition function

Bandex MDAbased on Lead Shine the most powerful compatibility softwarein order to improve automation acquisition, and it was nothing in the world. Bandex MDA has Application Programming Interface, easily to implementation, don’t worry about modify machine PLC, or can’t warranty, and worry about the machine maintain.

Automation acquisition support:

l   Brotherprovided withnetwork card

l   Fanuc provided with network card

l   Mitsubishi provided with network card

l   Mazak provided with network card

l   Siemens provided with network card

l   Heidenhain provided with network card

l   And so on.

Other acquisition method

l   specialdata collection instrument

l   Machine control system

l   Barcode Reader

l   Keyboard

l   NC macro B

l   And so on.

Use one or multiplemethod, to meet the need of the customer data acquisition.

Advanced Visual Factory management

Real-time Visualization was Bandex MDA to visual and image manufacturing status solution, simulate shop floor in the software, then install an Electronic Kanban, to provide Decision-makers real-time manufacturing work order, operator, machine status, it was useful to improve manufacturing management.

Intelligently and Integrated management

Bandex MDAIntelligently and Integrated management solution, by using the message, broadcast on shop floor, E-mail etc. information send to the manager, so that manager will know these information at very first time, specifically to manage the wait pars, idle, no operator, machine downtime etc. status, use Bandex MDA wherever you stay, system will let you know at the very first time, than manager can fix it at the first time.

Multiple Customized reports and charts

Bandex MDA has multiple Standardreports and charts, each reports and charts providemany options to get the detail information. For example, the status reports can provide detailed and accuratedata about production department, position, group and machine. In addition, all the charts have a lot of customer choice, so as to modify the chart display.Managers do not need to leave office ,to check the machine status. The system can analyze the whole department machines, or just you selected, display the current machine status, which is idle, setup, cycling or teardown, in addition, each to display the current manufacturing order and operators.