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Are you still using the traditionally and trivial way to transport or manage programs? Or distress the serial transmission burn out the motherboard?

 Or files and programs was confusedly, couldn’t find the machining program?

 Or always looking and modifying the programs?

Bandex DNC7.0- finally to solve your troubles

Bandex DNC (v7.0)manufacturing machine networking system

Bandex DNC(Distributed Numerical Control) based oncomputerEthernetcommunicationtechnology and numerical control system application, linking between machines and upper computer, which was a basic platform for bring about a modern manufacturing shop floor provided with automated and networking management.

Bandex DNC support almost all CNC systems, including mitsubishi, fanuc, siemens, mazak, heidenhain, and GSK, HNC witch made in China, and so on. In addition Bandex DNC can network intelligently robots, FMS and all kinds of machine tools. Based on CNC equipment networking Bandex DNC given a more far-reaching definition of DNC, integration with our Bandex MDA manufacturing data acquisition system (MDA), real-time machine output, machining time data collection and all other machine manufacturing data collection


Choose from two editions:

Bandex DNC Classic (v7.0)

Bandex DNC Professional (v7.0)


After years of technical precipitation, Bandex DNC supports almost all CNC systems, to help customerssimplifyprocedurestransferprocess. Bandex DNC Classic (v7.0)had the followingmain functions:



1、CNC supports

Badex DNC software supports up to 256 CNC machines per PC, and can be easily extended.

2、Remote Request

Remote Request allows the operators on the shop floor to download and upload CNC programs directly from their CNC controls.

3、upload automatically receive

DNC Server received NC programs automatically, and automatic naming saved.

4、CNC Support

Fanuc, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Okuma, brother, Siemens etc. .

5、DNC in the Background

The system supports running in the background, to reduce server resource consumption.

6、Network Compatible

Compatible win 2000/XP/server 2003/server 2008/vista/win7 etc.

7、command automatic start

When the system starts automatically open remote request service function, make the machine automatic networking online.


Support program while downloading and processing, it needn’t stored in the machine memory.

9、Communication protocol

Support RS232, RS422, RS485, FTP, TCP/IP, wireless 802.11b/g etc.


Has a detailed system operation log.


Bandex DNC professional (v7.0) was the customized version, can provide customers with more professional DNC program management process, Bandex DNC Professional based on the classic version for the customer provides the following functions:



1、Support BCR downloading

Using Barcode Reader, Operators can in the side of the machinedownload programs.


Using keyboard, Operators can in the side of the machinedownload programs.

3、Machine structure tree management

According to the Machine group convenient createmachine structure tree management (like Factory building, Department, Shop floor, processing group, CNCs ).

4、Product structure tree management

According to the different product management flow, it flexible user defined structure tree, like order number, product type number, product drawing number, operation number etc. .

5、MDA data sharing

Bandex DNC ( v7.0 ) network with data acquisition function, provides MDA a corresponding data acquisition interface, help MDA to collect some of the old equipment production information.

6、Unique Mitsubishi M70, Fanuc Ethernet function

Unique Mitsubishi M70 and Fanuc advanced Ethernet protocol, which is different from the RS232 protocol, at the DNC server terminator not only you can view the machine program directory, but also can remote add and remove to management the programs.

7、Version management

It realized the program version management, and covering or rename program, and management the upload programs, the software has multiple roles for different permissions to operate.

8、Fuzzy search function

It support by the order number, name and other conditions for fuzzy search program.

9、Program comparison function

To quickly navigate between two programs at different points, to help understand the program structure.


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What bottleneck your shop floor program management?

With the development of Chinese industrialization, China was known as the world production factory, the manufacturer has more and more machine equipment, it increasedandresulting some new problems, such as program editing, management, transmission and machine efficiency, the production was restricted, summarized as the following reasons:

A、There were many kinds of CNC systems, communication software were not universal and compatible, programming and application was very inconvenient to the technician and operator.

B、Program communication was single transmitted, interactivity was poor, could not remote control.

C、Using a laptop computer or CF card transmission, was easy to burn out both the interface of machine and computer.

D、Manually edit the program, error prone, cause the less efficiency.

E、NC program without centralized management, easy to lose and more misoperation.

F、NC program, process cards, tool list and drawings are isolated preservation, unable to correlate, when used to waste a lot of time to find the corresponding to the various documents and drawings, which greatly reduces the production efficiency.

G、PC used on the shop floor which was harsh environment , greatly shortens the life of computers, the production site was messy, not conducive to the workshop management.

H、Operators used paper to note the version which he has used, more artificial participation, harder program management .

J、Machine memory is small, cannot save all the programs, if operators need to input more programs he need to delete some of it, repeat input was wasting time.

In order to solve the above present situation, you can use Bandex DNC manufacturing machine networking system. One computer used as DNC Server can networking all your machines, implementation machine group control management, such as program transmission, editing and management, in order to solve the above problems, to improve the production efficiency.


Why choose Bandex DNC (v7.0)

·         Bandex DNCsupports up to 256 CNC machines per PC, if you had more machines, add an Ethernet card can be easily extended.

·         Bandex DNC supports RS232, RS422, RS485, FTP, TCP/IP, wireless 802.11b/g etc. communication protocol, supports Fanuc, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Okuma, brother, Siemens etc. machines.

·         Bandex DNC supports multi-process bidirectional transmission and high speed dripfeeding function, has been successful application in many customers and achieved high stability and reliability.

·         Bandex DNC supports a variety of ways program upload and download, you can only  use the DNC software to send programs to CNC, also you can use macro B, barcode Reader, keyboard and other different ways to achieve program transmission.

·         Bandex DNC has flexible program management function, you can choose Machine structure tree management or Product structure tree management or Both。

·         Bandex DNC supports programs upload automatically receive,and the program was saved in upload directory.

·         Bandex DNC supports running in the background,and at any time you can download any program you want.

·         Bandex DNC not only supports CNCs, but also can network intelligently robots, FMS and all kinds of machine tools.


Bandex DNC (v7.0)Create customized transmission management

According to customs which has less machine, Bandex DNC helps to optimized the program management process, using one DNC server networking all your machines, so that customers do not need use the desktop computers, U-disks, A-disks, CF cards or notebooks to transmit NC programs. Using one key to send your program or send multiple programs, push the receive button when you need the program, in this way to meet the small and medium customers demand of NC program transmission, needn't worry about to transfer a processing program, in addition our software supports all CNC systems.

According to the standardized management of enterprise, who has specification order process card. We can provide the macro B or Barcode reader to download NC programs, the operators only need to run a very simple function program, or scanning the program code on the order, by doing that DNC Server will send program automatically, than operator push the receive button, the program will download to the machine, the whole process takes only ten seconds.

Also you can use our professional design keyboard to download programs, you can directly call the program number, or use the calling code, operation is very simple and convenient.

Not only that, based on our deep information management technology and by using the equipment repair technology, we can help customers create more professional program management, for many industries, use a variety of effective way to eliminate operators to modify the processing procedures or modify parameters and other bad operation habits.

We helped our customers to create a variety of data transmission management, not change customer usage habit as the starting point, reducing the maximum waste of transmission time, so that customers can get a high efficiency.


What Bandex DNC (v7.0) gives to you

·              Bandex DNC makes you feel convenient, fast, stable, easy to operate, just a few simple steps, you can download the program you needed. The originaltransmission waywasgreatly improved, Bandex DNC created a manufacturing machine networking system like computer Ethernet.

·              Bandex DNC brings different kinds of customer and any different needs not just the convenience, but more of efficiency. Take a customers which have 50 machines for a case, each machine replacement product twice every day, each once need 10 minutes, than Bandex DNC can help customer save 5000 hours of program transmission each month, use the saved time to producing, the efficiency will very considerable.

·              Bandex DNC was easy to use and the interface was simple, after simple training the operator can use the software skillful. Bandex DNC with a complete operation and transmission log, to make sure the security of management program transmission.

Bandex DNC was a mature product practiced for many years, there were a number of successful application cases in China. Bandex DNC based on CNC technology, in the industry, to maintain the industry-leading.