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Professional Maintenance

China Mitsubishi CNC Repair Center authorized by Mitsubishi Japan

全系列产品: 三菱数控系统 通用伺服 伺服马达 主轴马达 变频器 可编程控制器 人机界面等


Maintenance range: Mitsubishi CNC Products: controllers, drivers, motors, IO board.

Mitsubishi factory automation products: programmable controllers, HMI, inverters, servo and motion controllers.

Prevention and exchange: ahead of a one-time replacement, exchange components may be hidden and extend machine life.

technical reports:  to analyze the reasons of product failure, to inference the external factors lead to the failure and to provide professional investigation report.

Customers peace of mind: to provide extended warranty services according to customers' requirements.


{ Free test,low-cost maintenance }

Our  maintenance  center is authorized by Mitsubishi.Response for domestic  CNC products, we can offer  free test, low-cost maintenance.


Lead shine maintenance philosophy:


Sincere service for our customers, and grow together with domestic customers.Make every effort to reduce customers’ maintenance costs, and  ensure  special, high-quality repair servers.

{abundant stock, quick maintenance}


Our center offer all  kinds of spare parts, three hours maintenance servers. If any maintenance longer than 24 hours, we provide  alternative  parts in order  to ensure customers’ machine operation .we has many experienced and skilled engnieer, and our agent  in the Yangzi River Delta, Shanghai / Wuxi / Taizhou offer free test, quick judgment.