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New Mitsubishi Motor product application debuted CIIF 2012 Shanghai International Industry Fair



China International Industry Fair of 2012 started on November 6th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center for five days. As the world's leading "automation solutions" provider, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Limited company displayed the pioneer of factory automation in W1 Pavilion- Mitsubishi Electric Industrial products, a new servo system J4 and new products converter L700, and several robot application device which are imported from Japan. At the same time, they exhibited Mitsubishi Motor laser processing machine products in E3 Pavilion which is commendable in metal processing industry and cooperated with collaborative partners In W1 Pavilion and CC-Link independent booth for exhibition, and the Mitsubishi Motor special agents photographs group also exhibited Mitsubishi robots and servo system independently in W2 Pavilion, mutual echo.


       The most fascinating thing on this fair is the Sina micro-blog interactive activities of Mitsubishi Electric Automation. The scene audience can see the micro-blog contents on the large television screen which is exhibited in Mitsubishi Motor booth by just inserting the # Mitsubishi in International Industry Fair# topic. It attracted a large number of curious spectators and promoted the interactions between Mitsubishi Motor and made the questions part effected as expected.

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       The university partners of Mitsubishi Motor also actively participated in visiting Mitsubishi Motor exhibition which is organized our the company. During the 5 days, we received a team of almost 400 students and teachers from 10 colleges and universities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. They are Jiangsu union Technical Institute, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology , Shanghai i Industrial Technology school, Zhejiang Industry polytechnic College, Jiangsu University of Technology, Shanghai Normal University, Ningbo technical College, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Nanjing Zhengde College and Wenzhou vocation & technical College. These colleges keep long-term cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric Automation to make contributions to train future automation talents for China. 



         In the Automation exhibition area, the Mitsubishi servo products of high quality and high technology attracted many visitors. Mitsubishi technical staffs’ enthusiasm and highly quality answers also impressed the customer deeply. Many customers showed their keen interest in Mitsubishi Motor automatic robot which is of high precision. We believe that this exhibition laid a strong foundation for Mitsubishi Motors brand image and provided continuous motivation for Mitsubishi Electric Automation to promote Mitsubishi integrated solutions in China.