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The trip to Mitsubishi



The trip to Mitsubishi


At the beginning of November, Manager Ji Zhonghao and Li Zhikun accepted the warm invitation from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and paid a visit to Janpan in a group leaded by Mr. Nishino Takashi for study and tour.


The visit was tight but full of great experiences. We went on a tour to the International Working Machinery Exhibition guided by Mr. Fujimaki TING see and Tomonori Ogawa and were deeply impressed by Japanese well-developed industrial automatization. After an amazing sightseeing to the prosperous Tokyo Shinjuku, Ginza and Shibuya, we arrived at Mitsubishi's factory in Nagoya, the most important place of this trip.  Mr. Miyata liter and Akihiko Sanada Arozu presented detailed information about processing of the motor automated production and system-wide products from Mitsubishi


We, as an agent of Mitsubishi, have a better and more comprehensive understanding of our Mitsubishi system-wide products and are more confident, enthusiastic and ambitious in expanding the market after this trip.