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改造案例:The Tairong

客户名称:The Tairong

改造背景:Shanghai Tairong metal plastic company is one of the main Schneider suppliers and it has more than 20 years experience of processing traditional precision parts. And there are more than 200 processing equipments in the workshop whose main work is to produce bar stocks.


The Tairong chairman appraised Bandex Shop Logic like this: it brings revolutionary optimization to our management, the previous artificial feedback data can not ensure the correctness and real-time. Now, managers can quickly grasp the situation of all the equipments and can make them to work again rapidly after they have finished the processing. We strongly believe the integration ability of Bandex in equipment application, so we can boldly leave Bandex engineers to operate equipments. “table is better than words, but worse than diagram”, and the entire Bandex software use the most simple diagrams to reflect the overall workshop situation which is easy to use and can accurately acquire the equipment information with no complex operation.

Chairman cai also said: the operation efficiency of the equipment is improved from 47% to more than 82% by tracking the equipment via Voice message and email and other methods. The implementation of digital factory costs lower than purchasing new equipments and the additional expenses is also low, so the benefits it brings is far ahead of purchasing new equipments.